GWR TEAM is a young and successfull, growing company from Harstad with the main focus on exclusive wood work. Our originaly designed products are custom made verandas with full electric, heating and watering systems, with or without integrated jacuzzi's. Cascade roof covers for house entrances which follow your existing trails, with an ability to be converted into closed tunnels during winter which can be especially interesting to clients in northern Norway. Finally as a face to every household, we design post box covers to make them look beautiful but also as useful as possible.


Throughout the mentioned processes, we insist on the usage of only top class wooden materials available by the providers in your local area. Since we cover the whole Norwegian territory, the wood providers warry according to a clients whereabouts and wood availability.


Our strict team insists on through practical analysis of every employee. Since we decided to expand our offer, we are happy to announce we accepted a master for gips (dry walls) into our ranks. Executed by the best known master for gips in many areas, your walls are guaranteed to be long term quality and as smooth as glass.


As a side branch we also conduct maintenance, regular services and repairs on Hormann garage doors executed by the best specialist in the Harstad area. If you require only an advice or inspection of your garage door, with our company you can get it for free.